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Carmel Summit

Robert Volfson has turned 'Carmel Transport' into one of the most thriving logistical enterprises in Canada, specializing in transporting commercial containers. What is his secret? "I would like to believe that everything that happens comes from above", says the man who started as a manager at McDonalds, before deciding to launch his own business and overcoming various obstacles. His company is currently celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

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Carmel Office

Please find more about our new location in Calgary!!

About Us

Built on outstanding customer service - Carmel Transport International Ltd was founded in 1991 in Toronto and started out as a one-truck operation transporting ocean containers in Ontario. Prompt and personal customer service that includes on-time delivery, safe operating conditions, and ultimate flexibility to meet customers’ needs continued to be the hallmark of our company for the last 20 years.



Carmel Transport International Ltd. is one of Ontario’s largest intermodal transport container carriers. We safely transport dry, refrigerated or over size containers to and from any destination across North America.  As a Canada Customs and Excise Bonded Carrier, we offer a full range of transportation services for bonded shipments.



Our large fleet of company and owner operated tractors, advanced container lifting equipment and different types of chassis, including specialized chassis for refrigerated, over size containers – ensure we are able to deliver according to our customers’ specifications in a safe operating environment.


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